We all need some R&R, why not try escapism?

It’s dark in the morning and the sun sets by 5pm, that means winter is here and for some this triggers the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the realisation there are only eight Monday’s left this year. I am now starting to think about Christmas decorations…… Panic! 

The cure? Sunshine, sunshine and, well, sunblock! A winter break recharges the battery in so many ways. You get a tan when everyone at home looks pale, you radiate when from relaxing and not following the usual routine and …. You revitalise yourself by reflecting on what’s good and what can be improved in your life. Yes, it’s time to think about oneself instead of others.

My destination criteria search contained one word ‘sunshine’. It was that simple, everything else followed…. Airport transfer confirmed, hotel booked by the beach for initial few days – Florida here I come! BTW I purchased my ESTA the day before.

I needed some time out, realised R&R was urgent on my TRD list and dos something about it. It wasn’t easy to admit to myself this was needed but the relief i felt once I made my decision was overwhelming. Though I didn’t explore Florida much (Orlando, Miami and of course Disney world) I did things I wouldn’t usually, including a big cuddle from Pluto the dog. Yes, this is the definition of escapism. Leave the real world behind and see another unfold before your eyes. I ate cuisines from around the world at the famous Epcot food festival which certainly whet my appetite for when I came back home.

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