Rio Olympic Games through the eyes of the fans… 8.8.16

Bon dia. I love the Olympiad period, it’s an exciting time when the whole nation, no matter which gets behind their athletes no matter how small the contingent. Somehow the international spectacle of the Olympic Games brings out a strange sense of national pride that for every three years in between the games is not there at the same effort.

Yes we wear replica kit and we bring our flags with boundless energy and fun but what else do ‘hard core’ fans need to bring? Patience: if you’re collecting tickets from co-sport, then we all sympathise. A renowned ticket agency showed its customers that it cannot cope with inept staff who couldn’t take basic instructions from managers to fiascos that resulted in fans missing out on events – is this what is meant by the ‘Olympic experience’? 

Energy:I am so excited about attending my first event, the women’s rugby 7s. This is the first time the sport is part of this sporting experience. I proudly got out my ticket at the metro to only be told ticket holders now need to pay for their transport to and from events, ah, I didn’t receive that memo. You can buy 1,3 or 7 day transport passes ranging from R25-R100.

Fitness: I was expecting the two hour one way journey but in reality this was three hours including an unknown 45 minute walk from the bus stop to the venue – in the mid day heat no less. I’m at the venue, all is forgiven and at security the guards take my hand sanitiser gel? What I need that! I am told it’s a liquid that can explode… The annoying thing (and this could be a Brazil thing) is the inconsistency, a woman takes through a 1ltre bottle size aerosol that really could explode. Others had sun cream taken from them… Really! A further 20 minute walk and I reach the stadium wanting shade and then finding there are no working toilets. The stadium was less than half full and no food available for the spectators, that really is a massive infrastructure problem, this of course included children 😦 

Pride: The 7s competition was fantastic, though a little disappointed the stadium was less than half full. this must have been a proud moment for all the players and their support team to play in the sport’s first ever Olympic Games. The fans did the team’s #proud, with all sorts of flags displayed and passionate cheering for every nation and fans supporting other nations too, a friendly spirit shown from all at the event that is making its debut at the 31st Olympic Games.

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  1. Wow Priya really shocked about the hand sanitiser & sun lotion. Have they got a Twitter customer service response team in place to check out these things beforehand? I remember our Rugby Worl Cup crew were really helpful.


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