The Pantanal wetlands …. 4.8.16

I do like nature, I really do but there is something about knowing that approximately 90,000 caiman (type of alligator) are freely roaming around that makes me nervous. Especially as they can wonder through your ranch, put it this way I didn’t drink too much during the evening! They have also captures the art of staring at you, at other animals or each other (they eat their own young, no love lost when hungry). Even so, I couldn’t help but think I’d like a new handbag, don’t panic there were the same number of caiman when I left.

What took my mind away from ‘Jaws’ were the other wildlife I saw. Bright blue Macaws, families of them spend the day chatting and they had a lot to talk about.the green parakeets worked as a team to build their nest in the palm tree. For the first time I met an Armadillo who came to our bonfire camp and wasn’t disturbed by Michael Jackson tunes, singing and excitement of drinking caiprinhas and toasting marshmallows. 

I also saw jaguar footprints but alas no creature. It’s dry season and so they hunt at night. It was a wonderful experience watching wildlife in their natural habitat. The Pantanal is the size of Scotland and England combined and te size of this region, during the rainy season is emmersed in water allowing for the circle of life to continue. Farmers herd their views to different parts of the land to avoid flood planes and protect their livestock. The days spent here were booked with horse riding (my horse aptly called Mimosa), animal spotting via a truck and fishing. I didn’t catch any and gave up after five minutes.

During the day it was really warm but at night it was flipping cold and I wore pjs, trousers, socks and a jacket and was covered by two blankets that cocooned me in bed. My bed a hammock and I didn’t fall out. With little lighting I was overjoyed to see the stars and planets above, if only I knew the constellations.

Eating home cooked food was an honour for my belly, taste buds and my mind. The fresh fish catch was fried simply with a lightly seasoned batter which reminded me the best things in life are not over thought nor over complicated.

Photos to follow due to snail wifi

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