Buzios, it’s good enough for Bardot …3.8.16

Every athlete (a real athlete or those who still have dreams of being an athlete) has a preparation camp leading up to a major event. Factors affecting my pre- games base were somewhere to recover from a 13 day tour of Brazil, a place to reflect on the wonderful sights, flora and fauna seen an a chance for me to recharge my batteries before heading back to Rio to be amongst the hustle and bustle of the Olympic Games.

I wanted to be in a part of Brazil I had not seen before and one that it is unknown to my friends. Buzios is a small fishing town south east of Brazil and a three hour drive from Rio. Bridget Bardot frequently visited this place and as a result, the tiny town was introduced to the world.

The beaches amongst the many islands around the peninsular are divine, peaceful and charming. I stake my claim of sand in the true British way by placing my towel on it an I look ahead to at least four waves forming and dissolving against the beach. The water begins at the horizon, turquoise blue and as it approaches land becomes soft sea germ and finally as it hits the beach it is clear.

The water brings to me sea shells whose colours vary from purple to white. Amazingly the tide comes in at 12.30pm and by this time it’s warm enough for bathing, ducking waves and boarding.

As I bake in the warm sunshine (factor 30 applied a few times) I am tempted to close my eyes but can’t as I glance upward at the totally blue sky, not a cloud in sight – heavenly! Flocks of Hawks circle around I think planning their fishing pick. I stay on Geriba beach all day listening to the sea completely relaxed, looking at the hillside homes and thinking why do I not do this more often?

If I needed sunglasses, bikinis, maize, ice cream or oversized beach top them I could stop any of the beach venders who didn’t disturb me. 

I stayed at the Aquabarra Boutique hotel a 10 minute walk to the beach. It provides me with a gorgeous, relaxed setting fitting for this part of my holiday. A massage a day also plate it’s part.

The town is really like any other beach town it has a ‘main strip’ of restaurants, bars and shops there is something for everyone.

Buzios is a real gem and if you travel, spend five days relaxing here, you’ll forget about the ‘other world’, get a great tan and drink coconut water from a coconut.

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