Bonito, it really is Bella….. 24.7.16

Bonito is a tiny, quiet town with one main road and is a place famed for its diving an snorkelling. The waters are crystal clear, fish are all colours of the rainbow and the seaweed and water plants are soft and gentle allowing the fish to glide through.

Being underwater is a surreal experience, the view from on top is different to the 3D hands on colourful spectical from within it. Snorkelling is exhausting but you will never forget the feeling of being at one with a different world!

Shoals of fish look at me, I look at them and we swim by each other peacefully “love thy neighbour” comes to mind. A phrase so relevant for today’s world. I admired their colours which shine from the sun’s rays. I wonder what they made of my dark green bikini? I loved the warmth of the sun on my back as I followed big fish, little fish (thankfully no cardboard box) and focussed on discovering this new world. 

I wear contact lenses and am not a strong swimmer so this was a bit nerve wracking for me. My guide Nada placed me at ease straight away, providing reassurance and her foot to grab if I needed it.

I’ve always loved nature programmes and wanted to know what it was like to be at one with the water world….. Bonito, Brazil answered my question with bells on.

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