Waterfalls Wonderlust

Can you name any of the 7 wonders of the ancient or modern worlds? Go on give it a go and don’t Google them! How many have you visited?one aspect to my Brazil trip I was excited about was to see the Iguassu falls (pronounced ig-oo-soo), to be at one with the power of Mother Nature and studying rock formation that has evolved over thousands of years had me chomping at the bit. Iguassu didn’t disappoint. It exceeded my expectations and was breathtaking. Genuinely, no verb can express my feelings about this site.

There are two access points one in Brazil and the other in Argentina which was great for passport stamp collecting, drinking much loved Malbec and eating tender Argentinian steak. I’m still salivating about that lunch. I’d recommend visiting the Brazil side first as it is smaller, shorter distance and can prepare you for the spectacular falls. Small falls, big falls,individual and group falls. Yes there are many to see. You may find yourself walking in silence as you can’t quite compare this vision to anything else you’ve seen, possibly followed by a shriek of laughter as you feel spray from the falls.

The background noise is an almighty continuous roar of the water crashing down wit such tremendous force. I that wasn’t enough, look up an you’ll see black crows circling the skies above. Half day was plenty to soak in the surroundings, literally! It gave me time to contemplate and anticipate what the Argentinian side had to show me.

The rest of the day was spent at the local bird park visiting macaws, vultures, parrots, toucans and humming birds to name a few. The birds flew around me showing their spectacular, bright colours. This visit was inspired by the film Rio and I hope my photos give you a glimpse of the glorious techno colour fun. I also fell in love with toucans.

I spent the whole next day on the Argentina side of the falls, boy did it impress I enjoyed every hour! Starting with walking through calm, serene waters and admiring the flora and fauna and absolute vast surroundings. Without realising I walked up 80 meters incline. The first sense that picks up the falls is hearing. The sound of tons of water crashing down majestically along what is essentially a mountainside is awe inspiring.

I’ve never seen water continuously gush out like this and the sunshine made it more special as rainbows were formed. Mythical legend has it that a young couple from opposing tribes ran away, was caught and their punishment was to be separated for eternity hence the two sides of the falls. To think their love is joined forever by a rainbow is fairy tail stuff.

Being hyperactive I was itching to participate in a falls boat ride. Wearing my swimsuit and shorts I was prepared to get wet, however, those who tried to duck tape their ponchos I don’t think received ‘the same memo’. This was ultimate fun, waves crashing into me made me think I had wet myself at least three times (I hadn’t). Spray and showers from the falls soaked every part of me. I loved every minute of this ride it wasn’t long enough!

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