I’m at the Copa, Copacabana

After a smooth airport transfer organised through Foot In Brazil which included my driver pointing out the Maracana stadium and Crist the Redeemer, we drove past the favellas. These homes built within the hillside at night were lit, looking like multicoloured Christmas tree fairy lights- beautiful.

After unpacking it was bed time, ready for day 1. I felt especially nervous walking to the Copacabana beach with all the warnings about muggings I was delaying something I had longed to do. Carrying a towel and water I eventually plucked up the courage and set off, 8 minutes later and there it was along with Barry Manilow’s famous lyrics blasting in my head.

Towel down and swimsuit on I could feel the sun beating on my back. I was in awe of the power of the waves repeatedly crashing on the beach. The cream coloured sand (if that isn’t a Dulux paint colour it should be) was so soft it mounded around my body. Closing my eyes the sound of the waves was soothing as was the beach vendors selling their products ‘no obrigada’ my response. Opening my eyes and looking up I saw flocks of exotic birds flying in formation. 

Looking out towards the sea the landscape is stunning. Rio is mountainous, lush and green. Christ the Redeemer towers above and sugarloaf mountain shows us the delicate looking cable cars. Then you have the beachfront which quite frankly looks like Benidorm and there is a ‘hotel Benidorm’ which is such a shame but the commercial factor of high rising hotels can charge premium rates for a premium beach view.

Whilst at the beach I realised my Brazil trip of a lifetime had truly started. So I’d better celebrate with a Caiprihna or two.

My hotel room view below:


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  1. Great to hear that you got there safely. Superb view from you room. Is it warm?


  2. How is it going in Rio? All okay – no issues I hope. Its countdown time now and looking forward to the games starting especially the cycling after the great Froome win yesterday.

    Have you been swimming at all? what is the water like and more importantly the surf?

    Take care and keep blogging!


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