CSR, whose responsibility is it anyway?….. 10.7.16

Soon, all planes will be flying to Rio, it’s Olympic/Paralympic Games time. The athletes have packed their kit (including horses and boats) and tourists have packed sun cream, mosquito repellent and their kit, yes unused kit from here in Britain.

British Airways has kindly given 2x23kg hold luggage allowance which means I have an extra bag to fill, the challenge is on! Placing a little effort collecting unused kit to fill an otherwise unused suitcase may not be at the top of your ‘holiday TTD list’ but can it be from now on?

Working in the sports industry, I meet people from the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) along with corporate agencies whom through their work programmes have spare, unused and good quality sports kit. Supporting charitable causes is in our DNA. We all show our support by raising money but it is just as easy, if not easier to collate and deploy resources. This unique approach is also endearing to partners demonstrating wider, social awareness and our collective responsibilities to society. Due to the sheer quantities ordered this kit is not fully used and kept safe in storage, left here (sometimes for many years) it is of no use to anyone.

Are you part of a network of organisations? Get together and make a collaborative effort for collection and distribution. The sum is greater than the parts. There are many easy opportunities to distribute the kit and to get it used. Here’s how…….

Do you know anyone travelling to Rio for the Olympic or Paralympic Games? Could they take a spare bag of kit as part of their hold luggage allowance? Brazil based company ‘Foot in Brazil‘ provided me with details of local charitable organisations based in Rio who would welcome the donations with open arms.

Is Rio too far? Then look here at home. I am sure whilst reading this blog you can think of local home based charities that would welcome unused kit. One example is British based sport for development charity Sported that supports many sports based not for profit organisations.

If the kit was bought for a specific event or a programme which has long passed, you can still make a positive difference by deploying it. Be brave and be different. Remind yourself, others around you and your employer of good causes and how to support them.

So the question is ‘what’s stopping you?’

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