Make up or make it up?….4.7.16

I can only take one 23kg hold bag with me, okay that really isn’t a bad allowance. This packing lark needs to be strategic. We all know that our ‘potions and lotions’ combined weigh a significant amount, question is what is the priority?

If travelling for two weeks or longer don’t bother about decanting make up remover, toner etc. into smaller bottles as you may need more than you first thought and there’s nothing worse than an empty bottle of cleanser with days left of your holiday knowing there is no suitable shop nearby.

What to do? Try multifunctional lotions such as Bio Oil (own brand equivalents are equally as effective) which cleanses, re-hydrates and treats uneven skin tone. When on holiday in unusual climates your skin will certainly need at least one of these services.

Oil absorbing sheets are a real winner for warmer climates (sticky and dry heat). Talking of all things humid, don’t forget your hair serum, my hair loves to trap moist air in between the strands and suddenly, without realising it increases volume like a rave party. On holiday I want smooth, shiny and controlled hair so I’m packing some coconut hair serum that will ensure I don’t look like ‘cousin it’ from the Adaams Family.

What make up should be taken? Be wary about taking too much as they may be damaged in transit. Be versatile, subtle colours worn during the day applied with an added touch of eye shadow or cheek sparkle along with a change of lip colour will make you ready for the evening parties. The other alternative and brace yourself for this is to allow your face to be ‘make up naked’ and feel the sun’s glow and allow it to breathe.



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