What to Pack? That is the question…… 26.6.16

You’re on the holiday countdown, you know where you’re travelling to, how you’re getting there, the airline has provided you  with your baggage allowance and you’ve performed your sun dance. The only major decision left?……. what makes the ‘suitcase final cut?’

Serious thought is needed here. are you travelling solo, with friends or ‘the other half’? Yes, this matters as if it’s the last two you can spread and share resources (e.g. GHDs). Either way, you also need to consider your destination/destinations; trekking, touring, beach holiday or city break. If you’re trekking or touring you may need to consider a head torch, a practical tool for places with irregular electricity and also gives you light and two hands for essential tasks such as opening a bottle of wine.

Other practicalities to consider, if you are visiting a hot/humid country and need insect repellent, consider ‘Deet’ as it does the job. Be mindful though as it’s ‘hard stuff’ and can take off your nail varnish (wrap it in a plastic bag). A sleeping bag liner is perfect if you want something light to sleep in that hasn’t been shared by other people (such as sleeping bags) and is light enough to carry in your bag. Money bags help separate expenses especially if you are budgeting for tour trips, or ensuring you are not overspending on a long trip. Post it notes, these little gems are multi functional, if you are travelling in a country whose residents do not speak the same language as you write the full hotel address and show it to the taxi or bus driver. A photo copy of your passport may seem excessive but if the unthinkable happens, you can take it to the Police station and Embassy to obtain a new passport.

Beauty regimes and the lotions and potions involved is a difficult one to call. When you travel, you may find you dont need as much as you think. Try the basics such as ‘bio oil’ (or non brand equivalent) this stuff is multifunctional and can be applied on face and body, leaving it fresh, healthy looking and regular appliance removes blemishes. I’ve been suing it for over 10 years and have a look at my photos!

And the last word…. you’re exploring a new country which may have different cultures/expectations. You may not like them but you should respect them. In your hand luggage pack some tolerance, a sense of humour and take an open mind. After all you are trying new cultures and meeting new people of different ages, some of whom will be your new BFF.


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